Little snippets from my Zutara fic, Provenance (chapters 1 and 2). The first is what I feel like the Southern Water Tribe looks like at this point (they moved to higher ground after the war ended apparently) and the second is when they are leaving the docks and Katara collapses in the path.

I’ll hopefully keep doing this with upcoming chapters as well—draw select scenes. If anyone ever wants to vote for a scene to be drawn in the future, you can comment on the story on Fanfiction.Net, or send an ask here on tumblr! :D

You can read it here (if you want to!): Provenance

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Provenance Update

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I fell on my keyboard again accidentally of course and wrote the second chapter of a thing. Sorry about that.

Title: Provenance
Genre: Mystery/Romance
Rating: T (violence and dark themes) Subject to change.
Pairing: Zutara (of course)
Chapter: 2/?
Summary: Katara, a student of the world’s leading waterbending expert, is called to the Fire Nation to continue her mentor’s work after his supposed suicide. She is immediately swept into the Fire Nation’s dark secrets as a prince and princess struggle for their father’s crown, and the blood-soaked history of bending comes to light.

Read it here (You know. If you want to.): FanFiction.Net